1 Sale of spare parts for machines

Sale of spare parts for machines

The Lignum company has its own service facilities in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Access to service documentation, original spare parts and extensive experience in woodworking and machine tools guarantees efficient and professional service. Many years of repairs are the experience acquired in the repair of machines and machine tools, even those that are very old. We provide technical advice and expertise in the field of woodworking machines. In addition, we offer design and production of small and medium-sized technological nodes before and after woodworking machines.

Spare parts

Our offer is directed to those customers who value their time and money. We offer original and detailed spare parts for woodworking machines:

  • parts for multi-saws and planers from companies from around the world, headstocks, tracks, guides, sprockets, etc.)
  • parts for mini-tracks (slides, rollers, guides, spacers, balls, etc.)
  • parts for optimization machines
  • parts for planing machines

The ordered parts are delivered directly to the address provided. We carry out deliveries throughout the country via courier companies or Polish Post. We offer several payment options for the parts ordered. In the case of replacement of parts by our service, we provide a 3-month warranty for the work performed. If you want to get more information, you can ask us a question at any time.

We would like to offer you an intermediary service for the purchase of spare parts in the field of:

  • pneumatics,
  • electropneumatics,
  • electronics,
  • power hydraulics,
  • mechanics (bearings, conveyor belts, linear bearings, spindles, bushings, headstocks, electrospindles, aggregates, electric motors, SICK and AUTELE dial indicators)
  • glue tanks
  • glue nozzles for famad machines, packets, goma gorzów, grecon germany, sapnavello italy, dimter germany