1 Consulting


We would like to offer you consulting services in the purchase of machinery, selection of wood technology, materials, as well as planning, purchase and implementation of technology for production.

Industry seminars and workshops

Effective marking of machines and devices with CE marking. Information presented during the seminar is aimed at several groups of entrepreneurs, the most important of which are:

  • manufacturers of machines, devices and interchangeable equipment,
  • importers of the above-mentioned products from outside the European Economic Area,
  • and other entities involved in the distribution chain of the above-mentioned products.


Are you looking for help in implementing a specific project related to CE marking? We will help you find optimal solutions.


Specialized software for:

  • marking machines and devices with CE marking
  • carrying out risk assessment according to PN-EN 1050 standard
  • structured and technically secure project management
  • transparent and simple management of EC standards and directives