1 Drilling heads

Drilling heads

Manufacture of heads

The production of drilling heads is carried out in accordance with design standards and the highest tolerance level. The structure consists of solid components and an aluminum body, which translates into durability and failure-free operation.

Quality control along with recording its history at every stage of production makes our drilling heads characterized by the highest efficiency.

A wide selection of drilling heads allows for the perfect adjustment of the device to the customer's needs.

We realize individual orders, ensuring flexibility at every stage of cooperation.

Checking the manufacturing tolerance of the drill head

Each element of the head is carefully checked on a professional measuring device.

Kontrola jakości wykonania głowicy

The finished head undergoes all tests in the quality control department.

Drilling heads - linear


Linear heads with a fixed spacing of 32 mm.
Available immediately.

Drilling heads - special


We produce heads based on the customer's idea and needs in 14 days.

Drilling heads - adjustable


Heads adjustable in the range of 13-192 mm.

We offer

  • a wide possibility of configuration of the head through:
    • different types of drill holders
    • spacing of drill bits adapted to production needs
    • head mounting adapted to your devices
  • fast turnaround time
  • solid aluminum construction
  • competitive prices

Sample projects

Drilling head - example 1
Drilling head - example 2
Drilling head - example 3
Drilling head - example 4
Drilling head - example 5
Drilling head - example 6
Drilling head - example 7
Drilling head - example 8
Drilling head - example 9


Production of drilling heads (1,3 MB, format PDF)